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The Home Based Travel Agent Network

Welcome to the
Home Based Travel Agent Network

This site is the culmination of years of content that has been evolved for various travel  agent and travel affiliate websites. The Travel Agent Resource Center, Travel Affiliate Resource Center and Cruise Agent Link have all been consolidated into this site, as has content from other sites. The HBTANetwork is, without a doubt, the most current and complete on-line resource for home based, cruise, group and other travel agents. It contains resources for all aspects affecting travel professionals and offers an open community for communication and sharing of information without any bias whatsoever.

The HomeBasedTravelAgentNetwork.com website was created at the request of hundreds of travel agents that wanted to establish a central knowledge base where they could share their expertise within a community of travel professionals who would all benefit from each other's intelligence. This knowledge base would help travel professionals everywhere access reliable information to better serve their clients. Much of the current knowledge comes from the www.HBTACommunity.com.

OK, What is in The
Home Based Travel Agent Network?

Great Question. Among a wealth of general information you will find;

Travel Affiliate Program Directory This directory features detailed program and contact information on hundreds of travel affiliate programs so that you can start earning money from your website today.

Airline Consolidator Directory This is the most complete and current directory of airline consolidators on the Internet.

Home-Based Travel Agent Articles This inventory of articles written by industry experts is invaluable to agents. Articles cover marketing, online marketing, automations, operating from home, host agencies, education, legal issues and much more.

Cruise Agent Resources This area of the HBTANetwork is worth the price alone. The Niche Cruise Line Directory covers over 50 unique cruise products all over the world with detailed oriduct information so that you can start selling them today. There are cruise line directories with complete contact information, port information and cruise agent tools.

Home-Based Travel Agent Educational Programs There are well over 100 different specialist programs that you can take advantage of with detailed program and contact information.

Travel Agent Fam Directories and Resources If you are looking for that specific fa, trip, here is where to find them.

Host Travel Agencies If you are looking for a quality host agency, here is a list of the best with complete contact information.

Travel Industry Calendar of Events Want to know what is going on? Just check the calendar.

Seller of Travel Laws and IRS Guidelines Here is everything you need to know to stay on the right side of the law. Complete with detailed requirements and contact information

Travel Agent Resources Here are hundreds of tools that you can't do without if you sell travel. The Travel Agent Resources section of HBTANetwork is well worth the price of admission.

Travel Agent Suppliers Here is the connectivity to the suppliers from tour companies to consortia, hotels and resorts to resource directories. It is all here.

Travel Agent Forms Looking for that odd form? Here a an inventory of practical forms that travel agents can download and personalize. Most of the forms are in a .doc format so that they can be used in Word.

Travel Agent Publications and e-News Resources Want to get connected to the travel industry? Here are all of the trade publications, e-News publications and more.

Travel Agent Knowledge Base An ongoing project is capturing information from the HBTACommunity.com forums and building a reference data base of knowledge. Already underway, this section of the HBTANetwork promises to become a major resouce for travel agents.

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